A&A help clients select their trademarks providing extensive searches on availability and registrability. Also, help to file and prosecute trademark applications with the Bangladesh Trademark Registry. A&A has a long experience in trademark litigation and in disputes brought before the administrative courts, the civil courts and the criminal courts. A&A provides expertise in maximizing the value of clients’ brands.

Trade-mark rights may be acquired for both registered and unregistered trade-marks. In particular, a trade-mark does not need to be registered to benefit from the protection and rights afforded under the Act and the common law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a trademark registration provides several additional benefits over and above those attached to unregistered trade-marks, A&A provide a wide range of services in the Trademarks field including:

  • Trademark Searches
  • Trademark Application Filing

Drafting of Specification of Goods/Services according to Search and availability analysis

Applications with Convention Priority

  • Trademark Prosecution

o    Provisional Refusals response and handling

o    Response to Office Action

o    Attending Hearings

o    Timely follow-ups at TMO

  • Post Registration

o    Renewals

o    Watch Services 

o    Portfolio Management

o    Assignment and Licensing Drafting and Recordals

  • Brand Protection

o    Trademark Oppositions

o    Trademark Cancellations / Rectification

  • Infringement and passing off actions

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