In Bangladesh, Designs are registered with the Bangladesh Patent Registry, which operates under the Department of Patent, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT). A design right is an exclusive right granted for the outward visible appearance of a product or part of it, which results from the specific features of the product and/or its ornamentation. These specific features may include the product's lines, contours, colors, shape, form, or any combination thereof. For a design to be eligible for registration, it must be new and possess an individual character. To file an application for registration of a design, a graphic or photographic representation of the design must be included.
The registration of a design provides the proprietor with an exclusive right to use the design for commercial purposes. This right allows the proprietor to prevent others from using, importing, or selling products that incorporate the registered design without their consent. The proprietor may also license or sell the design to third parties for commercial use.
The validity of a registered design lasts for a period of twenty years, subject to the payment of renewal fees every five years. Failure to pay the renewal fees within the stipulated period may result in the expiration of the registered design.
Ahmed & Associates (A&A) is a service provider that offers a wide range of services related to designs, such as filing design applications, conducting searches for prior designs, and advising on the registration process. A&A also provides services for the renewal of registered designs, and the transfer or licensing of design rights. These services are aimed at ensuring that the proprietor's design rights are protected and enforced to their full extent.

A&A provides a wide range of Services in respect of Designs such as:

  • Design Searches
  • Design Filing
  • Design Prosecution

o    Responding to Office Actions

o    Attending Hearings

  • Post Registration

o    Renewals

o    Portfolio Management

o    Assignments and Licensing Drafting and Recordals

  • Cancellation Petitions

o    Defending against Cancellation Petitions

  • Infringement and passing off actions

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