Rajin Ahmed
Head of Chambers

Advocate Rajin Ahmed
Mr. Rajin Ahmed is a distinguished legal professional, currently serving as the Head of Chambers and an Advocate at the esteemed Supreme Court of Bangladesh. With a robust academic background, he holds post-graduate degrees in Law, M.Phil. and Ph.D. (Fellow), and is a valued member of the Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh (IPAB). In 2013, he established the law firm "Ahmed & Associates" in Bangladesh, which began as a general law firm but later expanded to specialize in a variety of legal areas, including Trademark, Patent, Copyrights, Design, banking, investment, and commercial and general civil law practice.
At present, Ahmed & Associates is renowned for its wide range of legal services, which include confidential intelligence reports and lobbying. The firm's commitment to excellence and proficiency in navigating complex legal matters has garnered a loyal client base and cemented its position as a trusted legal resource in Bangladesh. The Head of Chambers, with his extensive legal expertise and experience, plays a pivotal role in upholding the firm's high standards and guiding it toward continued success.