Ahmed & Associates (A&A) is a highly professional and experienced law firm specializing in trademark-related services to clients in Bangladesh. One of the core areas of expertise for A&A is assisting clients in the selection, availability, and registration of trademarks. The firm conducts extensive searches to ensure that clients' chosen trademarks are available for use and registration and guides how to register those trademarks with the Bangladesh Trademark Registry.

In addition to providing assistance with trademark registration, A&A also helps clients file and prosecute trademark applications with the Bangladesh Trademark Registry. This involves guiding clients through the complex application process and helping them to navigate any legal challenges that may arise.

A&A is also highly skilled in trademark litigation and has extensive experience handling disputes brought before various courts, including administrative, civil, and criminal courts. The firm provides clients with the necessary expertise to successfully litigate trademark disputes and works tirelessly to protect clients' trademark rights.

Moreover, A&A understands that maximizing the value of clients' brands is critical for long-term success. As such, the firm provides clients with comprehensive expertise in trademark management, including trademark licensing, franchising, and commercialization. This enables clients to fully leverage the value of their trademarks and build strong, successful brands.

It is important to note that trademark rights can be acquired for registered and unregistered trademarks. While a trademark does not necessarily need to be registered to benefit from the protection and rights afforded under the law, a registered trademark provides several additional benefits over and above those attached to unregistered trademarks. A&A provides a wide range of services in the trademarks field, including trademark registration, trademark searches, trademark enforcement, trademark licensing, and trademark litigation, among others.

In conclusion, A&A is a highly reputable and professional law firm that provides clients with a comprehensive range of trademark-related services. With extensive experience in trademark registration, enforcement, and litigation, A&A is well-positioned to help clients protect and maximize the value of their brands.

  • Trademark Searches
  • Trademark Application Filing

Drafting of Specification of Goods/Services according to Search and availability analysis

Applications with Convention Priority

  • Trademark Prosecution

o    Provisional Refusals response and handling

o    Response to Office Action

o    Attending Hearings

o    Timely follow-ups at TMO

  • Post Registration

o    Renewals

o    Watch Services 

o    Portfolio Management

o    Assignment and Licensing Drafting and Recordals

  • Brand Protection

o    Trademark Oppositions

o    Trademark Cancellations / Rectification

  • Infringement and passing off actions

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